2017 Pumpkin Patch Family Day

This past weekend we had our 2017 pumpkin patch family day! I firmly believe that visiting a pumpkin patch is an annual rite of passage. I mean, can you get a more adorable or family friendly Halloween activity? There are a plethora of pumpkin patches in the GVA. Farms, schools, even businesses get in on the pumpkin action.

This year we chose to support a local preschool, the Lynn Valley Parent Participation Preschool to be exact, and it was awesome! The preschool went all out. All of the decorations and activities were perfect for kids Evelyn’s age. Even the weather cooperated long enough for us to really enjoy the day. Here are some shots from our 2017 pumpkin patch family day!

2017 Pumpkin Patch Photos

I always insist on one nice, family shot. It’s all about the (cue Barbara) memories. The woman who took our picture this year got a bunch of shots, so I turned our 2017 pumpkin patch photo into a GIF:

2017 Pumpkin Patch GIF
Aren’t we just the CUTEST?

Inside the preschool, the volunteers decked out the space like a haunted house. There were a ton activities. They had classics like the touch-and-feel food/body parts (think peeled grapes posing as eyeballs), arts and crafts, cookie decorating, and even a station where you could hold live snakes! One of my favourites though was a cute little station with a light table and some X-rays. Evelyn was fascinated by the pictures and it was neat to watch her pour over them.

2017 pumpkin patch x ray station
There were tons of fun and educational activities

The pumpkin patch was actually the playground, which was pretty brilliant. It made it feel like a cross between a pumpkin patch and an Easter egg hunt. Pumpkins were tucked into nooks and crannies all over the place. As you searched, you got to do fun games and play on all the playground equipment. 

2017 pumpkin patch bean bag toss
Evelyn didn’t quite grasp the bean bag toss, so she gently placed her bag through the pumpkin’s mouth
2017 pumpkin patch apple bobbing
Sanitary apple bobbing relied on nets, not mouths, to select your fruit
2017 pumpkin patch search
Evelyn searches high and low for her perfect pumpkin
2017 pumpkin patch bubble machine
Evelyn loved the bubble machine
2017 pumpkin patch buried treasure
Digging for buried treasure, YAR!

In the end, Evelyn picked a massive pumpkin. The rain held off until we bundled up and headed home, so it was a fantastic (dry) way to spend a couple of hours. Now to carve our pumpkin and get our decorations up!


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