3 New North Van Ice Cream Joints You HAVE To Try

We are big, big fans of ice cream in this house. Just in case you didn’t get the hint in my PNE post. Most desserts I can take or leave, but there is just something magical about ice cream that makes it impossible say no to.

We were pretty ecstatic when we heard that not one, but THREE new ice cream places were opening up in North Vancouver this year. We’ve tried them all now and all I can say is that I’m going to have to buy bigger pants. Because goddamned these shops serve good stuff!

Welcome Parlour Gourmet Ice Cream

The Welcome Parlour shop and the location are adorable. It’s in a heritage building on the corner of 8th and St. Andrews, which is very central yet it’s also very quiet. There’s a cute park with a putting green across the street that you can go to if you don’t want to eat indoors. The inside is just as charming as the outside though. The owners have done a fabulous job of honouring the heritage of the building and the area in their décor. It is warm, welcoming, and just slightly industrial.

Welcome Parlour Authentic Ice Cream
Welcome Parlour Gourmet Ice Cream

These guys make their own natural ice cream and it is really, really, really, ridiculously, good-tasting. They change their lineup daily, use fresh ingredients, and offer dairy-free options too. I tried their ice cream flight because yeah, they do that. Every single scoop was rich, creamy, and flavourful. Meanwhile, Glen and Evelyn shared a cone with equal relish. 

Sharing an ice cream cone at Welcome Parlour
Sharing a cone at Welcome Parlour

I have a strong feeling that this place is going to become a favourite of ours.

Nourish Market

Nourish Market is a lovely organic grocery store in Lynn Valley Village. Recently they expanded their offerings to include a lunch corner that sells fresh, pre-packaged lunches, snacks, coffees, a fermented bar and, of course, ice cream. There’s also a cute little play area for kids with a mini kitchen and various toys for them to use. Unlike the other two locations on this list, these guys don’t make their own ice cream. But they do feature ice creams from local producers that share their values for wholesome, organic foods. When we visited, the featured seller was Mario’s Gelati.

Nourish Market and Ice Cream
Nourish Market in Lynn Valley Village

Mario’s has been around the Vancouver scene for a looooooong time, so I won’t wax poetic on how good it is. If you have never tried it, I suggest you stop reading and go do that immediately. 

Mario's Ice Cream from Nourish Market
A scoop of Mario’s Gelati at Nourish Market

As a bonus for us, Nourish is in our neighbourhood. It is awesome knowing that we have a source for high quality ice cream so close by…or is that a bad thing? 

Earnest Ice Cream

Earnest is not new to the Vancouver ice cream scene, but they are new to North Vancouver. Having developed a reputation for high-quality, home-made ice creams at their locations through downtown Vancouver, they recently opened up shop in Lower Lonsdale. The shop opening has been highly anticipated. As soon as the “Coming Soon” sign appeared on the windows, people started talking. As an ice cream lover I am ashamed to admit that I have never eaten at any of the other Earnest locations. Going solely by reputation, I was very excited to try this place.

Earnest Ice Cream North Vancouver
Earnest Ice Cream in Lower Lonsdale

After my first visit, I can honestly say Earnest has a great reputation for a reason. The ice cream is divine. I sampled a bit before settling on a scoop of java chip and a scoop of chocolate. Sometimes classic is best! Man, was it good ice cream. The texture was fantastic and you could taste the fresh ingredients with every bite.

Earnest Ice Cream Treat
Glen and Evelyn sharing some ice cream at Earnest

We will definitely come here again, but I think we’ll wait until the novelty dies down a bit. Fair warning if/when you decide to try it, it’s busy. It was crowded when we went during a weekend afternoon, and I’ve seen pictures of crowds waiting outside in the evenings. 

In Summary

I think I can officially say that North Vancouver has become home to a bevvy of ice cream options. In addition to chains like Yeti Yoghurt, Menchies, Purdy’s, and Marble Slab, we now have our choice of artisanal, quality ice cream shops. For ice cream fanatics like us, this is great (or terrible) news. I have to say I really enjoyed each of my experiences at Welcome Parlour, Nourish, and Earnest and I would be hard pressed to pick a favourite. I’ll just have to try them all again to help me make up my mind. 🙂

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