My Demonstrator Kit Has Arrived and it is Glorious!

The past few days have been FULL. I’ve got about five posts going on right now, so prepare for a lot of content this week! To kick things off, last week I announced that I signed up to be a Stampin Up Demonstrator and I am excited to say that I have already received my Demonstrator kit!

It arrived on Friday and it is a thing of beauty. The box it came in was a lot bigger than I was expecting and, of course, when you have big boxes around kids they instantly claim them. I didn’t even get a chance to unpack it before Evelyn was climbing all over it. She spent a good chunk of time riding the box while I pushed them around the living room. 

But anyway, if you want a sneak peak of all the goodies I got, keep reading!

Unpacking My Demonstrator Kit

When I finally got to unpack my Demonstrator kit, I spent two hours pouring over the contents and I still haven’t gone through everything.

Demonstrator kit supplies in the box
Look at all those goodies!

You get to pick most of the products in your Demonstrator kit (awesome!), which is supplemented with a “starter pack” of business essentials. I couldn’t get over how much stuff there was, and had lay it out on my floor so I could appreciate it all.

Unpacked Demonstrator kit supplies
It’s so beautiful!

For my product I chose a five stamp sets, two die cut sets, and a blending marker. I’ve never used a blending marker before but I wanted to try something new. The stamps and die cuts are mostly from the holiday catalogue so I’m going to get a ton of use from them in the next couple months.

Demonstrator kit stamp collections
I’m going to have so much fun with these stamp sets!

The business essentials in the Demonstrator kit are fantastic. They sent the corporate documents you would expect, order forms, starting guide, etc. including these adorable party invitations:

Demonstrator kit party invitations
Crafting parties! Because I’m not enough of a nerd yet…

Then they included stacks of their current annual and holiday catalogues. The holiday catalogue is gorgeous, and the annual catalogue is just as drool-worthy. Now I have a bunch of both catalogues if anyone is interested in drooling with me!

Demonstrator kit catalogues
Equally beautiful and dangerous catalogues

The last piece of my Demonstrator kit is something I’m super excited about. A sample of their Paper Pumpkin product! I’ll do a full post about what Paper Pumpkin is and what I make with my sample, but for now just trust that it is amazeballs.

Demonstrator kit Paper Pumpkin Sample
I’m intrigued by the Paper Pumpkin kits

So Kate, You’ve Just Received Your Demonstrator Kit, What Are You Going To Do Next??

Crafting. I am going to do a LOT of crafting.

First off, I have to get started on my Christmas cards. It may only be Thanksgiving, but I’m legitimately worried that I won’t have enough time to complete them. You can expect to see a regular posts about my card progress from here on out. I’ll try to make sure these posts maintain some mystery about the final product, but I will be revealing details. Each of these posts will be labelled “Spoiler Alert” for anyone that wants to keep the card a secret. I know some people like to wait until Christmas to open my card and I don’t want to ruin that surprise just because I’m writing about them.

Second, now that I’m part of the Stampin Up community I’m going to be doing lots of mini projects. Projects like card or design contests, Paper Pumpkin demos, product testing and showcasing, and stuff like that. Since this is a whole new world for me, I have no idea how many of these I’ll be doing, but I’m guessing there will be a few. If I like the results, I’ll give them a post!

I’ve already put some of the goodies from my Demonstrator kit to use. My dining table has officially assumed the role of card manufactory, which it will likely maintain until December. My first Christmas card-related post will be hitting the blog later this week, so keep your eyes peeled! 

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