Ladies Day for My Mum’s Birthday

My mum celebrated a milestone birthday recently. To commemorate the occasion, we arranged a ladies day and a photography session for her. As I have mentioned before, family is really important to us. We are lucky enough to live within a 15-minute drive of almost all of our immediate family, and we want Evelyn to enjoy as much time with our loved ones as possible. 

After months of planning, Saturday was finally the day and I am so thankful we managed to pull it off. Here is how we spent our special day!

Ladies Day Part One: Lunch at Faubourg

I have been in love with Faubourg since it opened in Park Royal a few years ago. Everything about it from the food to the décor is sumptuous. What good is a ladies day if it doesn’t have some decadent food involved? They used to do high teas, but they recently switched out their tea room; changing it into a bistro and expanding their food offerings. While I do miss the tea, I can’t regret the change entirely. The new food line up is hella delicious and they do crepes!!! Mum and I had to take about 15 minutes just to decide what to order. I think the server thought we were crazy.

In the end, we both chose quiches and a sweet treat for dessert. My mum went with a bacon, roasted tomato, and spinach quiche and a Canelé de Bordeaux. I chose a mushroom and leek quiche with the pastry of the month. 

Ladies day lunch
Lunch spread at Faubourg = decadent bliss

Overall the food was amazing. I could eat that quiche every damned day. The pastry was so soft and flaky. Mum’s Canelé was new for both of us. While it was tasty, I don’t think I would have it again. We were told that it was a custard filling with a hard caramel crust, so we were expecting something rich and gooey. In reality it was a thick pastry, almost like a sweet Yorkshire Pudding. My dessert on the other hand….TO DIE FOR. It was a beautiful, silky, milk chocolate mousse with a berry centre, all on a round of chocolate sponge and decorated with fondant details. I probably gained 20 pounds just ordering it, but I don’t regret a bite. Besides, if you can’t spoil yourself on a ladies day when can you?

Ladies Day Part Two: Makeovers at Sephora

I generally don’t wear a lot of makeup but there is something delightfully feminine about getting dolled up for a special occasion. Neither mum nor I have had our makeup done professionally since my wedding (over five years ago) so ladies day and the photo session seemed like the perfect excuse to remedy that. 

I haven’t had the best of luck getting makeup done at salons and I’ve always been very happy with the service at Sephora in Park Royal so I booked us appointments there. What a lovely experience! First we were treated to mini facials. I could seriously get used to someone else massaging and moisturizing me everyday. I practically fell asleep in the chair! After we had been cleansed and moisturized to dewy perfection, we were taken to the beauty counter. We were primed, powdered, bronzed, and shadowed – in other words totally pampered. I loved the end result and was so happy with the way we looked for our photos.

Ladies Day Makeup Makeover
Gettin’ our makeup did at Sephora Park Royal – Yeah, we’re not related AT ALL

Ladies Day Part Three: Family Photos

To cap off our lovely ladies day, we collected my Dad, Glen, and Evelyn and met a photographer for an outdoor family photo session. Aside from my wedding, my mum has never had professional photos taken. Crazy right?! We were so happy to remedy that with a special shoot for her, not just to celebrate her birthday, but to also celebrate the family as a whole. Evelyn is only going to be small for a short amount of time and every memory is precious.

We started looking for a photographer a couple of months before Mum’s birthday and ended up booking Karolina Wojciak after some stellar recommendations. Obviously we don’t have the final product yet, so I can’t do a complete review, but she was extremely easy to work with and she was great with Evelyn. I can’t imagine how much patience you have to have to photograph kids and families for a  living, but she never got impatient. She walked us through several poses, backgrounds, and activities so that we get a variety of shots.

Evelyn is usually a total ham for a camera, but she was a little harder to get into the action today. We were in a park so she just wanted to run around and play. Staying still for photos was not in the cards. Still, anyone not in a shot with her would make noises, sing songs, and play around to try and coax smiles out of her. I think we ended up getting some cute shots, but we’ll have to wait for the finished product to know. I am so excited to see the photos and I hope they are something my mum can cherish for many, many more birthdays.

Ladies Day photography session
Mum and Evelyn play while taking photos

Ladies Day Wrap Up

I’m really pleased with how well today went. It was such a treat to get stuffed and spoiled with my mum. It’s something that we just don’t do very often and was extra special because it is out of the ordinary. And even though it took Evelyn a while to warm up to the camera today, I still think the overall experience was great. It was nice just to explore the park and have fun as a family. Most important, I got the impression that my mum really enjoyed it as well. Since the whole ladies day and photo shoot were her birthday present, it was pretty important for her to enjoy it! Keep your eyes peeled for a future post that show off our finished photos.

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