Outlander Season 3 Episode 3 – All Debts Paid

Redemption is nigh!! Outlander’s season 3 episode 3 “All Debts Paid” finally showed me that there is hope for this season yet. I can’t say that I think this episode put the series back on track 100%, but it did promise better things to come. I’m satisfied with that promise, especially after last week’s episode.

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All Debts Paid Recap – Claire and Frank

All Debts Paid finally progressed Claire and Frank’s story at a decent pace. In fact it was a rapid pace, covering almost their entire 20-year marriage until Frank’s untimely death. We see snippets of their life together – birthday parties, graduations, family breakfasts – and their awkward, painful decent from polite civility to open hostility.

All Debts Paid Claires Graduation
Claire’s painfully awkward graduation. Image courtesy of STARZ/Sony Pictures Television

The scriptwriters changed Frank’s character. I’m guessing they wanted to make him more likeable because, aside from his devotion to Bree, he’s a jerk in the book. Gone is the vaguely Don Draper-esque Frank and his racist, womanizing, sexist ways. Instead, All Debts Paid paints Frank as a dedicated Dad who’s forced to find happiness and companionship outside of his marriage. I’m not a fan of the change, but whatever.

However, if the writers intended to make you (temporarily) hate these characters, they succeeded. I wanted to punch Claire and Frank in the face repeatedly. They wallow in self pity and purposely make each other’s lives miserable with no hint of culpability. I have zero patience for that kind of BS. So when Frank was killed in a car crash, I couldn’t help but think FINALLY! Yes I realize that makes me a cold-hearted biotch but I’m ok with that.

All Debts Paid Recap – Jamie

All Debts Paid introduced us (properly) to Lord John Grey and beautifully set the foundations for his friendship with Jamie. Their relationship makes an interesting reverse-parallel to Claire and Frank’s. Jamie and John start with open hostility and begrudgingly develop mutual respect, admiration, and, eventually, friendship. One of my favourite scenes in this season so far, was when Jamie revealed that the “hostage” John met during war was in fact Claire. John’s reaction was priceless!

Jamie’s storyline didn’t cover the same amount of time as Claire’s, but it leapt forward emotionally. Jamie found purpose again being the spokesman (spokes prisoner?) for the men at Ardsmuir. It made him feel needed and depended upon, which drives his character. It allows him to open up and start to heal. You see how far he has come when he is able to say Claire’s name aloud and smile. That moment nearly broke my heart.

In a surprise change from the novel, Murtagh is still alive. He was sick though, and it made for a sweet change to see Jamie taking care of Murtagh rather than the other way around. At the end of the episode Murtagh is better, but the British have decided to close the prison. Murtagh and the other inmates are exiled to America, but Lord John negotiates a deal for Jamie. John takes Jamie to an estate called Helwater to serve the remainder of his sentence as a groomsman. Those of us who have read the books know exactly what happens at Helwater and what….repercussions ensue. 

All Debts Paid John Grey and Jamie
Jamie and John Grey on the road to Helwater. Image courtesy of STARZ/Sony Pictures Television

All Debts Paid – What’s Next

Now that we have finally (FINALLY!) put the Claire/Frank storyline behind us we can move forward with the important business of getting Claire and Jamie back together. Teaser images for episode 4 suggest Claire’s story will now turn to her searching through history to find Jamie’s fate. I don’t think it’s a stretch to suggest that Jamie himself is the object loosely reference in the episode’s title: “Of Lost Things”.

What isn’t as clear is where Jamie’s storyline is going to go. He’s at Helwater now, but how much of his life there are they going to go into? Will we see John Grey again? Are we going to see THAT SCENE played out? I just don’t know. Timing has been so loosely handled so far this season. I wouldn’t be surprised if the writers condensed all the years at Helwater into a single episode or if they stretched it out for a couple of episodes. Either way, if this sneak peek is any indication, Jamie’s time at Helwater is going to be trouble.

One thing is for sure though, I am actually looking forward to the next episode and that’s something I haven’t really been able to say this season. Things are looking up!

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