Time to Decorate for Fall 2017

Yesterday was the fall 2017 equinox and I couldn’t be happier about it. I know the sun worshippers out there will probably hate me, but I am SO over summer. It’s not my favourite season to begin with and we had a few heat waves in Vancouver this year that just about killed me.

I don’t have to worry about that anymore though, because fall is officially here!! Bring on sweaters, boots, cozy days, beautiful leaves, hot chocolate, and rainy afternoons with pumpkin spice. I am in heaven. To celebrate the change into my favourite season, I spent some time decorating my living room and entryway. I don’t know why, but the house feels instantly more cozy with the decorations. Here’s a little peek into how we’re welcoming fall into our home.

Fall 2017 Décor Prep

I already have a fairly decent collection of fall décor items. Let’s face it, between now and the end of the year I’ll be in non-stop decorating mode. BUT I still like to keep things fresh by picking up a few new items every year. After spending the last couple of weeks scoping out deals at Michaels, HomeSense, and Winners, I got some really cute pieces to incorporate into my fall 2017 design:

Fall 2017 trimmings
Love my décor finds!

Gourds and leaves are usually my fall go-to but I decided to change things up this year and incorporate florals. The pre-made options I found weren’t great, so I decided to make something instead. I picked up a vase that mimics an elegant pumpkin (top right in the picture above) and a couple of floral picks that had the overall look I wanted.

The whole assembly was stupidly simple. I knew that I wanted the harvest pick to the base of my arrangement. I left it as a single pick and just trimmed the bottom until it was the right height. Then I popped it directly into the vase.

Fall 2017 Harvest Florals
Insert pick into base…doesn’t get much simpler

Next up I took the floral pick I bought and separated it so that each blossom had its own stem.

Fall 2017 separated flowers
I used tin snips to separate each bloom from the single stock

Finally, I inserted the flowers into the vase wherever I felt the harvest pick needed a little fleshing out. If you’re doing this, make sure you check your arrangement from all angles so that you can make sure it’s balanced. 

Fall 2017 floral arrangement
And there you have some beautiful fall flowers!

Fall 2017 Mantelpiece

We only have one living space in our house so it’s our main TV room, entertaining room, play area for Evelyn, and general hangout space. Because the room does so much, it’s important that any décor we use enhances without adding to the general clutter. The easiest way to do this is to focus on the mantelpiece. It’s the main focal point in the room, so adding anything to it creates a great punch.

For fall 2017, I centred the whole mantle on a copper-coloured candelabra that I already had, then anchored one end of the mantle with the floral arrangement and the other with a really sweet sign and some figurines I picked up last week. 

Fall 2017 signage and figurines
I am gaga for these new additions to my fall decor

I added some framed family photos to personalize it and filled it out with some oversized pinecones and some gold candles – all of which I already had. To cap it off, I swagged a  new rag garland along the front of the mantle. I’m so, so happy with the overall result!

Fall 2017 mantlepiece decor
The overall mantelpiece is cozy and welcoming, just what I wanted!
Fall 2017 mantelpiece close up
Extreme close up!!!

Fall 2017 Entryway

The next space that is best for us to focus on is our entryway. It’s a tight space, so we can’t go hog wild, but there is a large wall that serves as a blank canvas. I like to stay in-theme with this space and incorporate some kind of signage that welcomes people into our home. My fall 2017 design is no different.

I didn’t really have anything in my collection that I wanted to use this year, so I ended up going all-new. Luckily, I found two pieces on sale that ended up being all I needed: a simple burlap sign and a fall leaf garland. The burlap sign is perfect because it’s big and fills up the space almost on its own.

The garland discovery was pure luck. I spent an hour looking at different versions of table scatter, confetti, fun foam, and other decorations before my mum found it. The leaves were a great size, a great mix of colours, and a great little design. The only hiccough was that it was a garland and I wanted individual leaves. It turned out not to be a big deal because I was able to snip the joints between each leaf and separate the whole garland.

Fall 2017 felt leaf decorations
Once separated, I could put the individual leaves where ever I wanted

In the end, the entryway turned out really well. The sign is nice and welcoming and the leaves add a great pop of colour and sense of movement.

Fall 2017 entryway signage
Welcome to our home!

So that’s our place all set for fall! I’ll probably get some fresh flowers throughout the season too, but haven’t got around to it yet. Even without them I’m really happy with the way the décor has turned out.

Coming Up…

A quick note for those of you that want to know more about my Christmas cards:

It’s been about a month since I got my supply catalogue. I have finally settled on a design and will be ordering the materials asap. Keep your eyes peeled for upcoming posts on technique experiments and how my cards will come together this year. Also, stay tuned for some exciting card and crafting news from yours truly!

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